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Iphone game application
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date posted 26/5/2011
An Iphone game application need to be done.

Please see the requirement.


Oly 'Imp' IC

Oly the Imp is a naughty Imp who craves human attention.

Oly is training for the sporting challenge of his life. He trains
everyday to build up his skill, speed, strength and experience in many
sporting disciplines. Don't train Oly to hard or he will be too tired the next time.
Use your brain and train Oly to the best of your ability.

Oly will compete in weekly events which will help improve his event
experience. Being an Imp Oly will be naughty and do pranks and tricks
to put off or hinder his opponents.

Game Idea

If you decide to play Oly as a Boy - Base the game on the Decathlon event.
If you decide to play Oly as a Girl - Base the game on the Heptathlon

Skill Training -

Timing Jumps, Timing when to throw, Timing for a quick start etc

Speed -

Speed for running, Stamina providing a constant speed, Explosive Speed
for Jumping and Throwing

Strength -

Use of a gym for weight training

Experience -

Gain Experience Points by competing in weekly events (1 event per

Ultimate Goal

To win an Olyimpic Gold Medal (spelling is ment to be wrong)

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