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date posted 12/6/2011

We are starting a property lettings agency and need someone to do our website. I have pasted the requirements below. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you


Project X - Website Requirements
Example of a website with the functionality / Layout we need:
Require a CMS type website where content, photos and information can be changed easily by us and in real time.
o Load inventory:
• Upload roughly 200 apartments / properties
• Addresses for each property
• Up to 9 photos per property
• Detailed descriptions of each property
• Rates (in the format of “Rates From x to x, currency in UK pounds”)
• Property type (Studio, Loft, one, two bedroom etc)
• Need to be trained to add and remove inventory ourselves (CMS)

o Clients need to be able to search using drop down menus for properties using the following criteria:
• Region of London (we will provide the breakdown)
• Dates
• Number of people or number of bedrooms (or both)
• Number of nights
• Price

o Automatically generate enquiry emails that come to us:
• Clients will enter their criteria and click a “search” button
• Website will then show a list & Google map view of suitable accommodation
• Client can then select one or numerous properties of interest and hit “send enquiry”
• Website should then ask for clients name, email address and phone number. Name and Email being the mandatory fields
• We receive an email detailing the clients criteria and the properties they have shown interest in
• Have a check mark on this form asking if we can contact them about future updates and offers
• After the client enters their name and address and sends the enquiry, they should see a page thanking them for their enquiry and notifying them we will contact them with availability within 24 hours.
• They receive an automatic email form our website confirming their enquiry and notifying we will check availability and get back to them within 1 working day with available options.

o We will need 3 personal email address connected to the site, plus 1 “enquiries@” address. Emails sent to the “enquiries@” address should be sent to all 3 of our personal emails as well as the general enquiries inbox

o Separate form the above we would need the following sections built into the site where we will need to be able to add information.
• About Us
• Contact Us
• Help
• About Serviced Apartments
• What’s on in London (calendar of notable events for the upcoming couple months)
• Site Map
• Useful London Links
• Services
• Privacy
• Terms & Conditions
A project is typically a fixed-price piece of work, based on specific results, and often completed offsite using the freelancer's own tools.

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